Tuesday, 16 June 2009

How Organisations Must Adapt to Social Computing

I picked this up from a tweet posted by @leebryant... a useful slidepack created by @oamprimo and worth a read:

The Adaptation of Organisations to a Knowledge Economy and the Contribution of Social Computing This is the presentation Olivier Amprimo (who has a great blog) gave at the British Council in Singapore for the Information & Knowledge Management Society (IKMS).

It is built along these lines:
  • The changing nature of organisations, work and workplace
  • How knowledge management is the principal "movement" for supporting this change
  • How social computing is part of the KM movement
  • How social computing is used by organisations
  • Things you need to know to get started


Olivier Amprimo said...

Thanks for that!

jenna said...

I liked your post. Keep posting interesting matters here.

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