Thursday, 22 October 2009

Same Difference

Here's me delivering an evolving version of a presentation I've been presenting to different audiences for a while now. Hey, nothing wrong with reuse! It's surprising just how Social Technologies and their application loop throughout so many discussions right now. Plus, it is interesting that they can just as easily be used to knit together teams, communities, families and culture whilst injecting pace, rigour and control into business projects.

So, whilst I was talking AudioBoo, geo-location, hashtags and Twitter to a predominantly financial services audience, James Clay ( ALT Learning Technologist of the Year 2009 ) was talking about Mobile Learning at the BECTA LSIS Embracing Technology Conference to an audience drawn mainly from education.

There's an audio stream of James' talk on his blog. It a fun listen. Despite the difference in subject matter and audience, there are a number of common themes.

Photo Credit: Benjamin Ellis

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