Monday, 31 May 2010

More iPadgeantry

I have to say that, having used an iPad for a couple of days now, I'm finding it hard to remember what I did before. I know all this "hype" is getting irksome for those who haven't got or simply don't want an iPad but I'm afraid it's only a matter of time before the user-experience delivered by Apple in the shape of the iPad will transform their lives.

I'm not suggesting that everyone will buy an iPad, but in exactly the same way that most of the game-changing innovations introduced by Apple with the launch of the iPhone have now become familiar 'hygiene factors' on many mobile phones and all smartphones, regardless of operating system or hardware, much the same will happen with the iPad, as its features appear on other tablet/slate products.

Before using it I was uncertain whether or not it would kill the netbook. Now I've never been more certain that it will. Yes I know that I wrote a post for The Next Web yesterday pointing out a few of its (very minor) early failings but those small gripes will be overcome in no time.

What is incredible is the fact that the device is always on. There's no booting up. You are only every seconds away from an immersive online experience and that's before you get into the rapidly growing range of diverse apps.

I know that netbooks and laptops don't take that long to fire up... but those few minutes feel like a few years compared to starting an iPad. There'll always be a time when you need the extra oomph of a MacBook or a PC, but it's amazing how much stuff can already be achieved very quickly and very effectively on the iPad.

It is really really good.

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